Top Tips on How to Keep Your Business Fresh in 2017

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. Below I’ve compiled a few tips for you to think about when it come to sprucing up your business. Enjoy 🙂

Over the past three years I’ve had the pleasure of working within a small business based in the Midlands. The great thing about a small business is the fact that you aren’t limited to one job role. For part of the day you may be an office manager, then at lunch time you may be an accountant and by the end of the day you have probably also become a logistics manager and a sales and marketing assistant. Now you may think this sounds crazy but by doing all this you pick up a wide range of skills and experiences. It has also taught me a thing or two about how a business is run.


Business Networking. Picture Courtesy of Coffee and Natter Wolverhampton 

Any business owner will tell you that running a business is not easy but once you have found a method that fits your lifestyle and keeps your customers happy, it’s well worth the struggle. A great tip that I have picked up through networking is, “always says make sure you can fill the fridge”. This mantra is true of all business owners and professionals. Do not fret as here are my top tips that I have picked up over the last 3 years:

Business plan

Every quarter go back and review your business plan and ensure that your current practices are in line with this plan. It is very easy to become complacent once you have settled into the routine of working in your business rather than on your business. Involve all of your team in this process as you will benefit from a diverse pool of ideas and perspectives. If you find that your business plan no longer suits your business, then write another one and keep monitoring trends and new technical developments as you do so.

business plan
Business Plan. Picture Courtesy of Gettyimages.


Strong businesses are driven by values and a team works well together if they have the same core values. Take the time to find out how to like to work and what is most important to you and our team.


This is the most important tip. Make sure you are enjoying what you are doing and laugh at least once a day. Not the light laugh that you reserve or acquaintances and barely touches your smile lines but a proper laugh that you can feel to the pit your stomach.  When you lose the fun factor the creativity and productivity tend to slowly go with it. As a business owner it will be much harder to ‘escape’ any issues that you have at work so make sure to resolve any conflict within in the team.

fun laughter
Networking event. Picture Courtesy of In Touch With Walsall

Thank you for reading, if you liked the tops tips feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what else you would like to read on this blog.


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