Car Insurance Prices Reach Record High As They Rise By 11%

The Association of British Insurance announced an 11% year on year increase in car insurance premiums. Motorists who are renewing their car insurance cover will notice their premiums have risen by an average of £48.00 compared to last year. This brings the average total to a whopping £484.00. According to the ABI Premium Tracker the increase... Continue Reading →


Over 10 million Homes Will Have Full Fibre by 2025

Openreach, the company responsible for the nation's fibre network, today began discussing plans to roll out super-fast broadband to 10 million homes across Britain by 2025. In order to successfully assess which areas are most in demand of the high-speed connectivity service, Openreach have asked for research support from Ofcom, the government and other telecommunication suppliers. This new prediction sees 8 million more homes benefitting from faster... Continue Reading →

How To Plan The Perfect Summer Event

This year we have been blessed with some beautiful weather! We’ve had a 5 day heat wave and temperatures that would make the holiday makers in Spain and Tenerife jealous. What better way to enjoy the sun than spending it outside in the great outdoors! With that in mind I have used my experience in... Continue Reading →

Business Exhibition Wows Women of Birmingham

In June over 300 business professionals from across the West Midlands arrived at Birmingham City Council House to enjoy the Women in Business Expo. The Banqueting Suite on the first floor of the iconic building was packed with people all eager to see the Fashion Show and Business Exhibition. The annual event hosted by Headz... Continue Reading →

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