How To Plan The Perfect Summer Event

This year we have been blessed with some beautiful weather! We’ve had a 5 day heat wave and temperatures that would make the holiday makers in Spain and Tenerife jealous.

What better way to enjoy the sun than spending it outside in the great outdoors! With that in mind I have used my experience in the events industry to help you out with these 5 handy tips on how to plan your summer event.

  1. Planning
  2. Budget
  3. Weather
  4. Sound system
  5. Have fun!!


outdoor party
Garden Party. Picture Courtesy of Daniella Sangha, Facebook

1 – Planning is essential for a seamless stress-free event. Make a list of the parking/access to venue, event timings, number of attendees and list of acts/entertainment and their requirements. This is the sort of information that the venue, caterers and AV company will want to know. Now is also the time to send out your invites. The earlier the better but I’d advise get started at least 3 months before the event date.

2 – It’s easy to get carried away with your spending when planning an event but please be aware that cheapest is not always the greatest. A good company will discuss options with you that are best suited to your event. Keep a spreadsheet of all your expenditure for the event to make sure you don’t go over your proposed budget. If you are coming close make the most of DIY and internet tutorials, you’ll be surprised how creative you can be with room decorating once you get started.

3 – As us Brits know only too well the weather can never be predicted! Always have a backup option such as a stylish marquee or an indoor venue. No one likes a side dish of torrential rain to go with their bbq burger. If you are having performers on a stage maybe consider putting a gazebo over the performance area. If chosen well it will look great and can be brought relatively cheaply from Argos or the Range.


Outdoor Event. Picture by Gettyimages

4 – If a venue claim they have an in-house PA system it’s a good idea to check it out before your event to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. They may charge extra for use of the system or you may need to hire additional equipment. Sometimes DJ’s and performers come fully equipped with a sound system so remember to ask when you are making the booking.

5 Don’t let the stress of planning an event get to you after all its summer and the best time to let your hair down and relax!

I hope these tips help and have a great summer 🙂


Fun outdoors. Picture courtesy of Sarah Jones, Facebook

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